Celebrate Your Victory Of Successful Relocation By Best And Safe Packers And Movers Gurgaon

Moving into a new home is a mixer of joy and excitement no matter whether you are purchasing your first home, or upgrading to a bigger one or moving to a new place first time it’s an occasion to celebrate, you have many reasons for celebration- celebration of the victory of successful moving or to a new life ahead of you, so to help you in formatting your plan for celebration today I am bringing different ways for it.

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Steps For Preparing For House Warming Party:

Sent Out Invitations:

There are many ways using which you can communicate via phone, message, e-mail and letter etc. Use the most appropriate and trendy medium like sending digital invitation on what’s up or creating event group on #Facebook. We all know how convenient online mode is you don’t have to go to anywhere outside, don’t have to write any address just create an invitation and sent it to your desire contacts. Make sure you have included time, date, your new address and any additional required details like general direction for home, parking lot etc.

Unpack And Organize Your Home:

Party means lots of people which also means you need lots of space in your new home and which can’t be possible if your Moving boxes are stacked everywhere and your home is not organize, so choose the date in within which you can complete your home cleaning and organizing as well as comfortably cab spare your time for arrangement related to the party. Packers and Movers Gurgaon not only provide door to door services but also offer us an option of availing any particular service related to our move like  #Unpacking And #Rearrangingin your new home.
  1. Minimum time for settling up comfortably is 2 weeks after move.
  2. Before you unpack clean your new home, you can do so on your own or can hire local cleaners for it.
  3. Make sure your valuables are kept in safe and secured place and out of reach of any other persons before the day of party.

Packers And Movers Gurgaon Reviews

Planning For Items On Menu:

Here you have to decide what you are going for dinner or drinks and snacks. Decide according to your budget and in both option to add some points on your party add special dish of your new city in menu.
  1. If you are making meal on your own then be sure regarding the members coming.
  2. If you are going for cocktails and light snacks then provide variety of options from mini sandwiches to the cheese platters and keep plenty of back up drinks and serving platters.
  3. If you are going for put locker dinner give your guest’ idea of members coming and types of food they have to bring. 

Host A Tour Of Your New Home:

Obviously people would like to take a look at your new dig, so prepare accordingly and make enough arrangements to stop entry in bedrooms, garage and other off limit places. If you are comfortable you can let your guests to take a tour on your own time and interest.

Home Dedication And Blessings:

You can invite your query to say some words for bringing positivity and light into your new home. You can make it secular or religious ceremony.
  1. Talk to your elders or spiritual or religious leader for any ritual or tradition your faith might have. This may involve religious layperson so contact them on time.
  2. Ask your parents if there any tradition we have to follow before entering our new home. Take a help of religious layperson for deciding the best and suitable date for entering in your new home.
  3. Ask your family members and friend to give their blessings.

Prepare Thank You Card:

Many of your guest’s will bring gifts and so show your sincere gratitude by sending thank you card. Assign work of writing notes to family members so this will look more intimate touch and personal.
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