16 Tools That Will Make Your Move Simple As ABC

Having moving tools in one place will make your whole experience of moving as easy as it can ever be. For making the after and before move process smooth you not only need basic tools included in the tool box, but some additional too. Some of these items are small in size but can do a great job when comes to moving house. Whether you are moving now or in future keeping these 20 moving items at your hand will do a great job.

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So let's see what are those item's through these Packers and Movers in Gurgaon guide.

  1. Scissors: scissor is a basic and must bring item when you are going for opening boxes, cutting tape, stretch sheet, while opening new package. Also it avoid delay and let you open the box as fast as you can, also after the moving if your kid's wanna play then can easily make something out of cardboard boxes using scissor moving to a new place is boring but fill it with some art and craft using the scissor, colours, tape and cardboard.
  2. Driller: moving involves lots of assembling and disassembling, having driller of any kind in hand will make the tasks handy, so whenever you wanna assemble something, disassemble something, install knobs, do hole in the wall and for any other household hardware. Looking for affordable and safe pet moving services call Packers and Movers Gurgaon.
  3. Laser level: you can easily find hand laser level online, these handy tool help in hanging pictures and frames on the wall, also you can prefer it for other levelling and alignment tasks. If you wanna hang shelves or something like bookshelves on the wall then this will ensure that every shelve is perfectly straight and in alignment to one another.
  4. Multi-bit screwdriver: for making a quick job these multi bit screwdriver is must. These screwdrivers come with different bits and inter changeable tips that can be useful in any kind of task including changing out hardware and tightening screws.
  5. Step ladder: make sure to bring foldable step ladder or step tool with you before the move, not only in moving day but this ladder is useful when you are beginning for the packing, if you wanna access high cabinets or shelves then you can easily do that with this ladder, also while unpacking if you wanna hang arts, paintings or wanna put something on high cabinet then you can easily do that with the help of ladder.
  6. Stud finder: from hanging heavy art piece or hanging T.V you are going to need to find stud in the wall for hanging your items safety and securely. You can easily find stud finder and will help you find stud behind the dry walls.
  7. Hammer: make sure your moving tool include basic claw hammer not a fancy one but it can help a lot in driving nails and screws in to the walls and furniture.
  8. Vacuum seal bag: placing linens, clothing’s and accessories in the vacuum seal bagis one of the efficient way to #pack your items. Need #moving insurance for the move? Contact #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Gurgaon.
  9. Hand truck: moving heavy items without the help of movers is tough, these tools will make your lifting and carrying process easy.
  10. Box cutter: for making your after move process easy and avoiding damage to the moving boxes make sure to add cutter in your tool list.
  11. Anchors: anchors are really handy when it comes to handing something on wall without drilling. Even without the help do stud you can easily hang your items.
  12. Tape: before you start packing having duct and #packing tape on hand is really must, these tape not only helps in securing your moving boxes but also help in repairing around the house.
  13. Screw, nut, bolts and nails: when you are moving to a new house it never hurt to pack some extra screw, nut, bolts and nails. For making repair, assembling and hanging items these things are basic. Do you know Movers and Packers Basai Gurgaon provide secure storage facility.
  14. Measurement tape: having measuring tape while moving is must, you can compare the doorways and the furniture piece using it and can safe your household goods and house from damage. Also for your new home if you want to measure curtains you can easily do that with the help of measuring tape. Before you put anything in room you can measure the area and compare the same with the items so you can know which can fit where.
  15. Label marker: label maker not only helpful in labelling the moving boxes but you can also organize your items after the move, your kid can arrange their playroom, you can arrange your closet.
  16. Putty knife and spackling: some holes can't be covered with the paint for deep holes you spackle. So when going into a new home bring small container of spackle and putty knife to cover the deep holes before you unpack and arrange.

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