Next Moving Destination “Own Home", Guide to Buy New Construction Home

Buying a newly constructed home is not at all quite the same as buying a pre owned house, why? In pre owned home you just have to go, see the interior, design, do the inspection and see is that suitable to your need or not, but in case of newly constructed you have to see what flooring, kitchen cabinet, how to furnish by what kind, choose from various doors ... and so on there is list of things you have to go buy and select, for a smart investment, you know the effort and money you are paying should be worth it. If you passed down that phase of choosing between pre owned and newly constructed home then let's get started for how to do the things done while constructing a new dream home through these Packers and Movers in Gurgaon guide.

How to tackle Finances.

Just like when you are going for pre- owned home you want to explore the market to get the best option in financing, you wanna know the term, conditions and amount your financer is ready to lend you the same goes with newly constriction house, before you step into the process of buying materials for your house it's better to decide what’s in range and in budget you may be thinking for mixing your own saving with some loan amount, but you know the amount of your saving what about the loan, so ask your bank and check out what they need to lend you some loan amount, you will need to get your past years income tax returns and other formalities so the bank can check your credit score and lend you accordingly.

Research for builders and locations.

Now you know what’s in your range let's explore who can provide you the best in that range, there is two ways you can either go for- first search the builder and then look for location or second you have location now you only have to search the builder. Either way you have to explore both the condition well to get your dream home job done right. Know how to store your household goods safely till your home construction is completed, due to selling your home you wanna clear the mess don't worry get Packers and Movers in Gurgaon #storage and #warehousing facility.

It's not necessary to go for real estate agent but if you choose on or you know one of your friends is in that area then you can take their help in finding a suitable location and trustable builders, when you don't know any builders whom you can trust with your work, you can trust real estate agent in that.

Packers And Movers Gurgaon

Know this don't go for any builder who don't have any reputation, credibility and reliability. Also don't go for a location which you don't like.

Figure out your in between situation.

While going for newly construction home you always have to face the gap between your current home selling and new home constructing. Selling a property in good price won't be possible if you are selling in a last minute also if you sell your home while your newly home is still in construction phase. If you are working with real estate agent then they can help you in listing your home in an optimal time, as well as can help in finding a suitable home until your home construction is done and we already know they can help in finding a good location and builder. If you live in rental home then you don't have to worry but while extending a lease remember what your house completion time is.

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What's included in the package.

Before you sign the lease don't hesitate asking what you want, so ask these questions so you don't hit the surprise shot.

  1. Is there any annual community or neighbourhood fees?
  2. Is landscaping included?
  3. What are the expected closing costs?
  4. Warranties offered in the home?
  5. Is there any restriction while doing some enhancement in my home exterior or interior?
  6. Timeline for the completion?
  7. Property taxes in your area?
  8. Mode of payment and in case of inflation will the contract price fluctuate and if then what percentage?

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Series of decisions.

This step is fun as well as headache, the decision you make in this will have a huge impact on the look, utility of home, final purchase price as well as future sell price. While deciding you have to keep in mind your budget, your need and wants.

  1. Exterior detailing and designing.
  2. Bump out additions.
  3. Extra window and window placement
  4. Some structural additions like decks, cabinet and fireplaces.
  5. Building materials.
  6. Flooring
  7. Ceiling heights
  8. Fixtures
  9. Smart home features
  10. Interior and exterior upgrades.
  11. Electrical placements like outlets and lighting.
  12. Kitchen design like counter tops, cabinet, appliances extra.
  13. Home layout.
  14. Washroom and bathroom layout and there fixtures.

This is a whole lot process and can't be done in one go. While deciding keep in mind what you are trying to achieve the final look. Involve your builders opinion and carefully decide what you want and how.

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