Acknowledge Yourself With These Before Moving From Small Town To Big City

Are you living in small town of #Gurgaon and wanna move to big #City may be for job, education, better living standardor for any reason but before doing so, you should prepare yourself with some major quirks which you don’t feel until you actually live in the city for a while. Big city will bring changes almost in all factors – like the neighbourhood you live in, community, society, transportation, distance, rules and regulations.etc that’s why to prepare yourself in advance I am bringing this guide which is based on the experiences of people who moved from small town to big city and how they cope up with the problems they faced.

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How to cope up with the big city challenges by Packers and Movers Gurgaon:

Driving will be a challenge now:

Beside traffic, driving can be a major challenge in big city. It’s so easy to mess up with the streets because construction is constant and different streets have different names depending upon the part of city you are in which.

Tips to help you out

  • Don’t rely on your car's GPS instead of that use your phone map.
  • When heading for a work, try few different routes so you can see which works best.
  • Acknowledge yourself with the traffic rules of that city, as they differ from city to city.
  • When you drive look out for a bicyclists, pedestrians and cell phone laws.
  • Necessary amendments on your driving licence.

Parking rules and expenses:

Getting a parking spot in big cities is one of the biggest complaints. It will be little tough for few weeks or may be month because you know how much parking rules there in your town, but to help you keep this few points in your mind:

  • Before packing your vehicle read the parking boards, as the parking rules vary from street to street and if you fail to read them you could get a tow or ticket.
  • Parking is unavoidable expense in big city, whether it’s a better or a paid lot.
  • Even street parking in big city have time limit, so make sure to read the rules before you park anywhere.
  • Sometimes you have to move your car’s during street sweeping time, which happens on certain days of the week.
  • heck out your allowances or perquisite to be given to you by your new employer includes any amount related to the parking expense, so you can know your parking is free or not

How to deal with big city parking:

  • Use public transportation when it’s more convenient.
  • If you wanna park for a longer duration use app like parkopedia to look for the best rates.
  • For looking parking option nearby use app like best parking.
  • For more convince on paying, use app like pay by phone.
  • Set a former on your phone regarding the sweeping hour and meter expiry.

Waiting for a number:

You have to wait for your spot or number at the bar or restaurant in big city which is unavoidable, but you can avoid that by going out early or if you make reservations in time.

Less personal space:

In small city or town you won’t find such 20% of the crowd which you will see in big city, you are more surrounded by the people in which person a space is hard to find, off course in such you also always have to aware of the pick pocketing. Follow these steps to cope up with such situations.

  •  Stand stiff and rigidly as a pole when standing in a large compact crowd.
  • Act busy; pretend you are busy in something by looking on your phone, reading texts, newspaper, books etc.

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