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Are you preparing for a move and searching for a suitable house in new city? Then you are in a right place. Finding a suitable house is very crucial to keep pour pleased and sane in new city, you know it will take; lots of time to adapt and adjust comfortably in new city and that’s why we really need one place where we can relax and feel like home. Whether you are buying or going on rent it’s really must to select a great house and to fulfill this objective I am presenting this checklist.

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Checklist for selecting great house in new city by Local Packers and Movers Gurgaon:

It is out of any litigation:

This is really must to confirm this point if you are buying new home in new city, that your new home is out of any legal dispute and never been a part of any. Verify the documentation and paperwork is proper.

Check for seepage:

You don’t want your new home walls and roof get dabble by the rain, so check the ceiling corners and rooms, kitchen  and bathroom plumbing, see is there any discolored yellow rings or any indication of seeping previously, so get it repair before you move in.

Change the locks:

You don’t know how many people have a copy of keys, and can’t assess whom the previous owner offered a spare set, that’s why it’s really must to change the door locks and garage locks, it there is any alarm system then change its code too.

Where is shut off valves?

Find where main water shut off valve is and does it require any special tool so, in the case of any emergency you will be all prepared to save your house from water pouring. If you can’t find it call the plumber.

Where is circuit breaker box?

In case of any emergency this will become easy if, you know where the circuit box is, so locate it and mark it before you move in.

Deep clean your carpets:

You don’t know the old owner had pet or not and when it last cleaned so, it’s best to hire professionals for this work because they have heavy duty stem powered machines that can kill germs and dust mites.

Change the battery of smoke detector:

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors aren’t always check during home inspection and you don’t know when it is last changed so, it’s best to swap out all the batteries with fresh one.

Change the heating and cooling filters of your new home:

If you don’t change the filters than it can slow down the efficiency or even can cause the system to overheat, so call professionals for service the equipment.

Install good closet system in your new home:

There is one of the few time in life when we have a clear gauge of how much stuffs we really have and moving is one of that times, so it’s good get a helpful closet system before you move in your new home. Install some drawers, hangers, shelves so you can arrange your goods at once when you unpack.

Paint your home:

If your new home needs paint, then paint them before you move in, so you can do some decoration easily.

Check sockets:

Check is your prospective home M.C.B’s and the electrical outlets are in proper conditions, no handing wires, broken or loose sockets, if then repair then before you move in.

Your Neighborhood:

Check how your surrounding is- is that safe for you and your children’? Ask is there any case which questions on the security of the locality. If you have someone elderly in your home then you need the home near to the hospital, if you have kids then you need school, park and good tutor facility nearby.

Water availability in the area:

There is shortage of water in many areas, so before you move in ask about the water availability and others sources use in the locality in the case of its non availability.

Maintenance facility in the area:

Your new home must have garbage removal services in the area and the condition of the Community Park and etc.

Electricity breakup:

Power failure is common in the country, so ask about the backup plan used in your society.
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