Essential Tips By Best Packers And Movers Gurgaon Of Mirror Shifting Breakage Free

Mirror it’s something which can never escape from any home, you not find even a single household where you cannot find the mirror apart from helping us how we look it also enhance the beauty of our home, there are varieties of mirror in different shapes, decoration, uniqueness and in price. It is something which is easily breakable if don’t handle with care, in cases like relocation where there is high chances of mishandling because of chaos and burden of work the risk of damage to such fragile items is high. So today I will highlight some points which are gathered from the experts of Packers and Movers in Gurgaon, for how to save your mirror during shifting.

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Essential tips you should follow while packing the mirror for relocation are:

Step 1: Buy the best quality packing material:

It’s the foremost step of #packing any good to find the right and suitable material for the good. For packing a fragile item like mirror you will need, corner protector, tape, bubble wrap, old blanket, Styrofoam and custom made box, don’t worry if you have brought the excess of this because you can use the excess in packing of other goods.

Best And Reliable Packers And Movers In Gurgaon

Step 2: Make an “X” using tape on the mirror:

This simple “X” can protect your mirror perfectly, because when you create an X using packing tape on your mirror this will keep the mirror sturdy and #safe from shattering. And if unfortunately glass suffers any damage X will protect the frame this way you can change it with the new glass.

Step 3: Corner protectors to protect the edges of the mirror:

When you are thinking to move a mirror you have to think for the frame too, a slight damage in your frame can lead to damage your glass. The edges of the frame suffer #most impact while #moving and #transporting, so protecting them form hurdles. If you mirror is irregular in shape then get little creative and fix the bubble wrap on the oddly shaped edges.

Step 4: Step cover with Styrofoam:

Extra layer such as Styrofoam will provide the utmost security and safety to your mirror. Once you are done with this you can place cardboard on the surface.

Step 5: Cover the surface with the cardboard:

Firstly measure the mirror and then using Stanley knife cut the cardboard, place the piece of the cardboard on the surface of the mirror after providing the layer of Styrofoam and fix the edges with the tape. Now you can cover the mirror with bubble wrap or in old blanket, after covering the mirror in that you will find the figure as bundle of cushioning.

Step 6: Place the mirror on the custom made box:

Custom made box is easily movable and keep the mirror sturdy during the transportation. You can find such box form Packers and Movers Gurgaon and it is best to keep your expensive, odd shaped mirror safe during the relocation.

Step 7: Mark “Handle with care”:

This is very important to mark your mirror box with the handle with care so movers will move and place them with due care. This will also help you to segregate the fragile items from others.

Step 8: Don’t put anything on them:

Keep your mirror in upright position during the #transportation and don’t load anything on it. It is best if you place your mirror behind the couch so it won’t fall during the transit.

Step 9: Unpacking:

Don’t rush to unpack your mirror, unpack it when you are all set and it’s time to hang that on the wall. While you taking out the glass be cautions check if there is any breakage or pieces of glasses, if then unpack them very carefully and it’s #best to wear a rubber cloves.

For any assistance in your relocation feel free to contact #Packers and #Movers #Gurgaon.


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