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Move is not hard to digest for us, we can easily adjust, but the case is not same with the children’s, as per the recent research also it is said that a frequent #move can impact badly on the children’s emotional and mental health, it found that the cases for move is mainly because of job loss or divorce, which impact children severely, it make children more anxious and introvert. It filled them with negativity.

Children are more sensitive, they are not adaptable easily to the change, it’s hard for them to move on and leave their friends and family members. I know the #most of the #moving it’s because of some emotional or sad reason and in such case we need to handle the children’s smoothly, seeing us worried affects the Child’s behaviour too. We know, we will able to cope up this situation successfully and after passing out of this period we won’t crumble down, but what about the children’s a little recklessness and negligence in taking care of them in such a tough situation, may imprint a long period sadness, anxiety and negativity in them. So today I am here to help you in your vigorous situation and how to handle both move and young one safely during relocation. Packers and Movers Gurgaon are always there to assist you in your #relocation work, whenever you feel like the situation is out of your control you #need some professional help, be free to contact them.

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Below are some tips for smooth shifting with children’s in Gurgaon:

Open communication, conduct an open communication with your family and children, be free, don’t hide the reason behind the relocation, and let the emotion flow, tell them why you are #shifting because of lack of infrastructure, education, neighbours or professional threat or for opportunity.

Be prepared to answer the questions of your younger ones, whether you are moving out of Gurgaon or to a new city or a country, so them some pictures and interesting facts about that #city or a country, decide already where they are going for schooling, show that school pictures etc. try to create some space in their mind related with that place you are about to shift, it will create some curiosity, bring out the positivism in them, also create some familiarize and link.

Assign the jobs to the kids in relocation process in Gurgaon, like let them handle their own belongings and stuffs on your own just guide them, ask them to decide their own which things they want to take and keep, tell them how to #pack the things how to do it etc according to the age. Teel them to keep aside their old toys and toys which are no longer of any use, you can do some good work here like donating this stuffs to the needy one you can do this job on your own and take your children’s with you when you are going for gifting this old stuffs, this will help them in good values.

If you have a children over 5 years, you can involve them in your decision making process when you are going for choosing new home bring them too, take their consent too, when you are going out for buying some items for home ask their opinion, involving them in such process bring a good values and help them in sensible decision making process.

If there are some stuff which is too close (may be electronic or soft toys) with your children’s don’t pack them and transport them in a moving truck, let them take that stuffs with them, it will keep them emotionally stable.

Keep the copies of your children’s medical and school document and record handy, so when you will need, it will be easy to find.

Pets are like a family member, so don’t sell them because of moving, kids are really attach to the pets, pets with you, help you to keep the kids happy. Don’t break them emotionally by separating pets with them.

Before #moving, when everything is set and decided, throw a nice party, gather your children’s friends and yours relative, friends. Tell your children they can still be connected through telephone, video calls, mails, etc. and also their new friends are waiting in the new destination.

After relocation go out for exploring new and interesting places, take them out to the places you have shown them before, go for a dinner etc.

Take your children’s for a walk and in nearby gardens, parks, talk to your neighbors, introduce yourself.

After relocation, find a place where your children’s can go for a recreational activity like sports, music, art, dance etc. encourage them, and let them choose the field, they want to go in. Consider their interest and their opinions before admitting in any.

Ask how their day went, do they like new place, if you find anything peculiar in their behavior talk to them immediately.

For any help in relocation you can contact Packers and Movers Gurgaon. Just call us and happily spend your time with your family without anguish about any work related to the relocation in #Gurgaon.


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