Protect Your Delicate Items During Shifting And Packing Tips For Fragile Items

We love to decorate our home with different unique antiques, art etc. which is so delicate to handle and when we are going through a shifting it’s a job which we don’t even won’t to and cannot handle effectively because they are near to our heart and off course because of its uniqueness it involved high investment of ours. Above was the talk about the fine art, antiques and heirloom items this were to decorate our home, but as we know in our normal routine life we use many material which doesn’t #need and involve much investment but close to our heart that is glassware, plates, dine set, jar, lemon set, bone china set, large mirror, vase, lamp, picture frame etc. all this are too fragile item which need to be handle with care whether you are going with the #shifting or storing. For perfectly handling and successful #relocation you need accurate and necessary equipment and material, you must fully aware form different types of packaging material and accurate estimation of quantity to avoid any wastage of money in buying of such. But I don’t think we are so available with all the required equipments and perfect in estimation and well known from the tricks of #packaging different items according to the nature of the goods and what material will be suitable to for their packaging, but you don’t have to anguish for such because you can avail the facilities of Packers and Movers Gurgaon for lending you help in your relocation from #Gurgaon to anywhere. #Nehru #Trophy #Boat #Race‬, #‪Pinarayi #Vijayan‬, #‪Jawaharlal #Nehru‬, #‪Chundan #Vallam‬, #‪Alappuzha‬, #‪Kerala‬, #‪Punnamada #Lake.‬‬

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Here are some tips for you, how can you save your fragile items from breakage during relocation:

Planning in advance: before go ahead with packaging of other items you must foremost proceed for the packaging of fragile item because you cannot #pack them correctly in rush so to avoid such situation start in advance.

Check the require item for packaging:  make your before go ahead with packaging you enough items like quality boxes, scissors, #packing tape, newspaper cutting, some cushioning stuff like bubble wrap, and thermo coal balls.

Plates: wrap each plate in bubble wrap, secure the end with the tape and place them in a box vertically, pacing them vertically will eliminate the chance of risk, because of reduce surface area, if there is any space vacant in the box fill it with the newspaper cuttings or strips.

Mirrors: put the tape in star shape in the mirror side form the end to end this will absorb the vibration, and then pack them in bubble wrap sheet and place them in a box if any vacant place fill it up with newspaper cutting.

Glassware: wrap each item of it in newspaper an vacant place in the item fill it with newspaper, put some newspaper cutting on the box bottom after that put the glassware according to the size heavy and large one and on it place smaller and etc.

Fine art and antiques: firstly wrap them in newspaper and then with bubble wrap and use the box in which they will get fit perfectly, neither big nor small according to the size of item.

Vases and fine ceramics: firstly pack the vases with the newspaper and fill the inside space with the crumbled papers this will save the item form any frictions, and after that cover them with bubble wrap and secure the end with the tap, and remember even for such its recommend to use the smaller boxes.

Smaller items can be pack together, and on the bottom of box place some cushioning stuffs like foam or you can use towel. For big heavy pieces use the double wall box and pack them separately.

Abnormally shaped pieces: for abnormally shaped item firstly pack them in newspaper and then secure it with the tape and after that pack it in the bubble wrap. Make sure the angles and the edges of the piece are secure and protected. Use the double wall boxes for such item and fill any vacant space with the crumbling newspaper or by newspaper cuttings or by using bubble wrap.

Remember when you are packing fragile item do not over #pack and do not leave any vacant space in the box, for your item to #move around.

For any help or assistance in #relocation you can contact Packers and Movers in Gurgaon. We are always here to help you in your relocation.


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